Making sure the virtual space – the excessive scrollable space beneath the content – calculates correctly takes a surprising lot of maintainance during development. I'm sure it will behave by the time of release. Right now I'm adding different new structures to the content to make sure it could accomodate project descriptions the way I see them, nevermind all the adjustments for existing details, and that – naturally – breaks the flow of things here and there.

The latest example of virtual space calculations breaking is comments for items on the list. All the development around lists led me to believe that the only comments that should have margins at the bottom – to space list items themselves nicely – are the last comments for items that are themselves not the last in their list. Properly setting this in terms of CSS, however, has proven a bit of a challenge. Nothing to throw me off completely, but not something I'd figured out immediately, either.

I've also come to realize today, after browsing the previous iteration of the website, that I'd like to have updates separate from the website's production log. Where the log is to show the thought process behind solving some of the issues during design process, updates would allow users new and regular to know what's changed in terms of content.

If there's a new project or a new feature, it's going to go into the updates. If I have something new to say about the design of the website – elaborate on the new feature, perhaps – it goes here.

Another thing I'm looking to implement is the various descriptions and interlinks for each project, tucked into their own pages. Project pages are meant to quickly familiarize the viewer with what the project is about, but it's not unlikely that, after reading the description, they could be looking for more – and boy, do I have more to say. Things like extended feature description, design paradigms (similar to Indigrid's design philosophy), FAQs...

At this stage, however, I find that I'm postponing the launch of the site with features that could comfortably be added later, at the expense of nothing. Any of it could be implemented once the basic information is available on the site.