Was able to implement automatic Mythos entries display today. Took me the whole of today, but now I can extend Mythos indefinitely.

The problem was: Mythos-local navigation was based on crawling the categories and entries in order to make up a table of contents, but once you embed it into an entry, crawling begins at its directory, rather than Mythos root, causing an error.

More specifically, the problem was in using an iterable based around the current category having subcategories. This is always true for Mythos root directory, but never true for entries, which are effectively end-point files.

At some point, after giving it thought, I realized that the only issue with that was that the navigation would crawl starting from current location. So, what I needed to do is anchor it, forcing it to use Mythos root in every instance instead of the local folder. Zola provides opportunity to fetch existing sections and pages, as long as its pre-compilation address is available. (The fact that it could be invoked with a variable for a value has helped me build automated navigation for the front page, and no doubt will be used for content-category navigation.) All I had to do is use the new mythos variable, which was pointing to the root directory, instead of built-in section.

Having Mythos implemented means I'm almost done with rebuilding the site whole. This leaves implementing category-based and project-based navigation templates, as well as some manual work bringing content over.